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Well fitting Mail-Order Dentures World Wide! 

Web Store

Web Store

We want to be your affordable dentures provider!

1) Mail order denture making at its finest!

2) Client interaction needed for the imprint and also the gypsum cast. DIY Dentures!

3) Your imprint kit for $ 145 will contain all to get started.

4) Your pay is routed through secure Paypal which will act as a middleman if problems arise.

5) Your CC info is safeguarded and you do NOT need a Paypal account!

6) After denture is done, 2nd payment of $ 150 covers the denture itself.

7) If it does not fit (after giving us 3 chances to adjust the denture) then you will get refunded $ 150!

8/ Or, alternatively, we offer you to redo it from scratch at no cost to you!